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            Beat the Devil Home


It’s no use now

This fabric with your fingernail

You’ve torn it

You can’t put the bullet back in the gun

Nothing else to do but beat the devil home


Come on sissy

Don’t make a fuss

Get your arse up that hill

Climb fucker climb

Drag your fingernail through the dirt that crumbles under your every step

Don’t break the bricks in your road

You need them more than they need you


Reach the top of the mountain and kiss the lip of the volcano

Reach up to the stars for salvation and grasp the root of the hole

Dig in, pull up eat the dirt out of your mouth

Push on as every bone in the wall of the tunnel becomes hot to the touch

Break the seal above you, let the heavens rain down and find the root of a weed to clutch

Crawl through the muddy lake of broken glass

Scramble for every thorny limb that cuts you as you reach for it

Curse as the last blade on the edge of the cliff slips through your finger tip

Feet first, face down as you float over the field of fire

Let gravity become a thing of the past as you soak in the ether



Creation becomes a thin permanence as you see yourself clearer

As sure as every choice you make is an act of love

As sure as fault is in the past

As sure as responsibility here and now

As sure as anything circular in the universe is perfect

As sure as every atom of your being was cut loose form a mourning star

You are all ready now

Welcome back, master of your destiny

Wash your face, breathe deep my friend

Look yourself in the corner of your eye


Actually it took you a bit longer this time

Said the joker to the thief of your will

You know where the gun is…