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            My photographic career started at the, once legendary, ‘Sanctuary Studios’, a subsidiary of the record label, ‘Sanctuary Records Group’ at one time, the largest independent record label in the UK. There I launched ‘Sanctuary Arts’, a collective of around forty artists, exhibiting across London until 2007 when ‘Universal’ bought the parent company and the studios were closed. Since then I have worked as both a commercial photographer and practicing artist as well as managing independent music venues across South East London, working with Greenwich Council’s Targeted Youth Support Team to deliver projects and activities for young people across the borough. In 2011 I returned to education, studying at the London College of Communication, gaining a Photography Ma. It was during this time when I discovered my love for Large Format photography. I also ran my own stall at Greenwich Market until 2020 when the whole world decided to take a small break. During lockdown I began working on larger oil paintings that have recently decided to dry. 


            Commercial Clients

            As well as my personal projects, I have shot professionally for clients including; CDI Anders Elite, Bodean’s restaurants, Avon Cosmetics, Woolworths, Bravado Merchandising, Therapy, The Kensington Close Hotel and the Stephane Ratel Organisation. I have also shot numerous portraits and produced album artwork and live event photography for performing artists, DJ’s Bands, etc.


            Exhibitions and Event Organisation

            From 2004-2008 I was the ‘Creative Director’ at ‘Sanctuary Arts’; a collective of around thirty artists based at ‘Sanctuary Studios’. Since then I have worked with Local Authorities on, Council led, creative outreach projects.  In recent years I have also been involved with the management and production of arts and live music events in venues across South East London.


            Transformers exhibition at Deptford X festival 25th October – 3 November 2019

            Sambuca Races at The Ivy House – Friday March 23 – Saturday April 14

            MA Photography – Final show December 2011; winner of this year’s ‘Photofusion’ award

            Arts in the Parks – Greenwich Market and The Citizens Gallery, Woolwich 3 September-29 October 2010

            11 – 6 June – Utrophia, Deptford 2010

            Back and Beyond – The Marlborough, Camberwell Arts Festival 19-28 June 2009

            Through The Pane – Concrete and Glass, Shoreditch October 2008

            Pokerface – Concrete and Glass Shoreditch October 2008

            Sanctuary Arts at Greenwich Market – Summer 2007

            Sanctuary Arts Summer Exhibition June 07

            Sanctuary Arts Sanctuary House Dec 06– Jan 07

            Sanctuary Arts Launch Party 29 Nov 06