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            Code of the Road


Flash your headlights and be judged!

At night; justice is blinding

Indicate once for thanks, twice for regret

Use your horn to voice opinion;

You’re volumes of jiz

We’re all stuck, we haven’t budged

Race? A redundant whining

Saying that, we all know what ‘Sprinters’ get

Drive like they’re uninsured, all abandon

No disco, my hi-vis!

Left means left, right?

Left means left, right?



Grip the wheel of destiny!

Transmissions send companions

Reflecting nonsense sensibilities

Echos, voices, reasons round my chamber

Long ago, I confess

Songs that stopped speaking to me

Cover me with suspicions

Dodge bulletins, trace the features that please,

Avoid ads, I just buy diesel for her

My little white mistress

Tune in next time

Tune in next time



Behold our weekend warlords!

Heroes and villains perform

The seasonal soap opera of our land

Tales of the generally expected

Commentary reheard

Yearn to be part of the hordes

Proof of life beyond tomorrow

Scenes I can only compose on broadband?

Tennis on the radio, rejected

Flip the back hand the bird

Lob and return

Lob and return


Marvel as tons of metal,

Otherwise disparate cells,

Combatants; charging like blood through the veinn

Heed self interest when sirens utter;

Make way for the distraught!

The services, one and all;

Selfless saviours, angels

That scythe through our swathe; hot, comet blue, humane

Scimitars through an ocean of amber

Conscience collects our thought

Pull over now!

Pull over now!


Meteoric rain paints light

Star maps, entities displayed,

Illuminated singularities,

Form consumed, capitulates to function

Vision to fantasise

The birth and rebirth of sight,

Swiped away with rhythmic blade

Halogen and L.E.D. galaxies

Non-perceptual reflexive motion

Play your tricks on my eyes

Exist to fade

Exist to fade


First published January 2017