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            The Field


Masters, Born or Made?

Top Shots

A new shoot plan for decadent peasants

Birds of the month

Kites, starlings, owls


The Barons way

Horses in our lives

Stag Hunting

Enoch Powell: Fallacy about the next Arch Bishop

Fair Play for the Shetland pony

The honest British pig

The amateur naturalists, extinct or not?

Women’s institutes, why the storm?

Chelsea flower show, What’s the magic?

The Duchess of Devonshire explains

Men at Arms

The good life: a catalogue of pleasures

Grouse, partridge, trout, salmon, hunting, woodlands, sailing, holidays

Who Goes There?

A Duke, an Earl, two Barons explain their welcome

Sanity in Racing

Up with the Jockey Club, down with the stirrups


What’s to be done?

Who will control Scottish estate?

Whipping in their Lordships stops rioting in house of Lordship

Young riders at Badminton

Why the financial hurdles are fare steeper than those at the park

Camel Wrestling

The Turkish national championship at Ephersus

Shooting Parties

The best of family days

Lunches for cold guns

Norfolk Partridges

In pursuit of excellence

A beginner who rides for Britain

Shooting now we sum up the issues

Land; to have and hold

The drying out of England

The great mistake about rainforsests

Carol Thatcher on Wimbledon manners

Leaders of the pack

Young masters taking the reins

All fowled up?

Telling Truths

Gypsy Palm-Readers

Who should own the Highlands?

In search of sporting life at the borders

Behind Closed Doors

Private lives in National Trust Houses

Animal rights and animal wrongs;

Who stands where?

Saints preserve us!

Fighting for English culture, from porkers to the prayerbook

What drives the R.S.P.B., science or sentiment?

How can country houses survive Labour?

Dark Forests

A bright future for timber, people and British wildlife.

Sport in Russia, Mexico, The Bahamas and Turkestan.

Spring lambing with the professionals.

How to talk to the animals

No hushed puppies, the true basset hound

Life as a shooting wife

Pedigree dogs, A sorry tale

Making the new year’s honours.

The best shoots in Britain

Hens that rule the roost.

Why the Greens need field sports

Why do Irish gundogs excel

Small dogs with brave hearts

How to acquire immortality

Hooked! Why women are great fishermen

Can game shoots survive steelshot?

Frederick Forsyth, his sporting life.

Boom year for grouse?

Wild ponies in danger

The end of “Born Free”

The Crown and it’s wealth

Art and the chase

The King’s peg: When “George V shot here”

Tackling Badminton

Royal racing pigeons

The poacher’s who’s who

Farming with robots

Wild in the country

British wolves bears – and mice

Owning a village

Time to let our salmon go?

The loneliest jobs in the land

The crack of Dublin horse show

Rough stuff: Where to find farmhouse cider

Finding a cure for the grouse moor ills

People like polo

Too many dark forests says the Prince of Wales

Too many deer and sheep say landowners

Patterns of tweed, the cloth and the river

No more bull at the agricultural show

The other cuckoos

Gardening with goats

Better bred than dead

Farming our rare breeds for profit

Bullish breeds

Fighting clan chiefs

Britains best gunmakers

Bad dogs and Englishmen

The worst gundogs – and their owners

Hanging on for the heir

Planting an apple orchard

The formidable hunt countries

Golden fleeces

Finding a money spinner in farming for fashion

How many lambs will be killed by foxes this spring?

Cutting a dash

The great leap forward in side saddle style

Time to control birds of prey?

Out in India

Hill tigers and plains polo

Serving queen and country

Wild trout and hard cash

Irish number

Gillaroo Sonaghan Ferox

Fishing, ‘fowling and whiskey in a jar

Wild swans, spirits of winter

Giant fish and fancy pheasants

Hammer action

Why it’s smart to buy sport at auction

Parrot passion

A bright future for our otters

The sporting clergy

Bagpipes and stiff whiskies

Shipwrecks and superstitions

On the trail of the woodcock

Military art for collectors

Keeping and breeding ducks

Highland ponies back on the hill

Sir Dennis Thatcher, the last of the baronets?

Dovecotes in the grand manor

The wild white cattle of Britains

The red squirrel bites back

English partridges, Welsh hounds, Irish sporting

The new strain of high pheasants

Picnics for the season

When Britannia ruled Cowes

Owning a racehorse

Village polo

Parisian antiques

Grouse to let

Fighting Tanzania’s big game poaching

The rise and fall of the English Elm

Lady Victoria’s transformation of the Cecil’s treasure house

Seeking perfection in horse and horsemanship

The medieval siege – machine

Once it spread plague, now it hurls pianos

Is racing too safe?

Have the guts gone out of the Grand National?

Eastern Europe

Tolstoy on hunting

Russian salmon fishing, Polish wild boar, Hungarian pheasants, Prague property

Burgundy buckhounds

Blessed is the meet on the Feast of St Hubert

Roaring Emma

Bacca Jack, Old Joe and other famous guns

Blonde, raven or Brunette – Which labrador’s the best

The ten deadly sinners

Probably the worst terriers in the world

Highland lodges for less

Who will bag the great Macnab?

Hunting the man eating crocodile

Partridges, Christmas trees, hauntings, feasts

Is the National Trust wasting money

England’s battlefields

Buying an island

High birds from the flat land

Why songbirds need shooting estates

Yorkshire’s top rat hunt

Friends or foes?

The truth about our wildlife

Time for a game marketing board

How the foxhound was saved

Ivory: a final solution

The great sea-trout riddle

A stormy future for Britain’s weather?

Scotland’ s plague, the grey goose?

Pro Europe: Our field sport allies

How to earn a fortune in the country

Duelling, an honourable and deadly affair

Thrusters, those who ride hard to hounds

Frostbite and red tape: The perils of exploration

Bird watching safaris in Africa

Cocks that rule the roost

Cavalry exercises

Tent pegging, sword and pistol

Fine foreign guns

An assessment of the better guns from Europe

Dogging the moors

Of caviar and kings

When royal sturgeon swam the Thames

A bird on a gloved fist

Unhood a falcon and a terrible beauty is born

Plantation life in the East African highlands

Save our native dogs

How Lady Amherst got her bird

The MPs we must vote out

The great carrot conspiracy

Wild islands of dreams

Who owns them, how to buy one

Balmoral’s stalking ponies

Can grouse survive raptors?

Secret sport on the Isle

Spending Christmas at sea