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Turns out I was the best

Turns out I was the idiot

I believed what I said

My files were undone

My buttons were pressed

My grievances not at my behest

I tried to ignore it

I just couldn’t store it

I scorned it

I shunned it

I put it to bed

I kicked it in the head

It drove me senseless

I made it cry, I confess

I strung it up by it’s neck

I pushed it under a bus

For the sake of all of us


You’re welcome


Is it time to play your phone and go to bed?

Is it time to let all your apps do things for you?

Are you wondering why you are not tired?

With your fingers

Phished from the floor

From your IP address

to your front door

Are you wondering why you’re not fired?

Are you emotionally ceramic?

Is it time to plug your devices in and go to bed?

Is it time to let all your apps do the work?

Are you wondering why you are not fired with you fingers to the floor?


With your rights dissuaded

With your pension conflated

With you hope evaporated

With your dignity for sale

With your number on a scale

With a thumb on it

Set to fail

Plastic wrapped in velvet box

Time to untie rubber knots

Time to take the pain away

To put the book upon the shelf

To question what you mean by wealth

To surrender, give up and remember

What you fought for was already yours

To the victor go the chores.

How have I made these illusions?

These tricks of the mind that I lost?

How can I find my own piece of mind

When the bodies I buried I lost?

Where the shifting sands are ferried

From sleep to restless sleep

Where the nightmares unfurled

Where the toes were uncurled

Where the dreams escape

With more than they make

And prayer is unsung and mis heard