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            Turns out I was the Best


Turns out I was the Best

Turns out I was the idiot

I believed what I said

My flies were undone

My buttons had been pressed

My grievances were at someone else’s behest

I tried to ignore it

My cloud couldn’t store it

I shunned it

I scummed it

I put it to bed

I kicked it in the head

I beat it


How have I made these illusions

These confusions I lost

These tricks of the mind

I don’t need to find

For my piece of mind

I know where the bodies are buried

Where the shifting sands are ferried

Where the nightmares unfurled

Where the toes were uncurled

Where the dreamers escaped

And how we got them back again

Plastic wrapped in velvet box

Wondering why you are not tired

As you play their phone to bed

With you fingers on the floor

With you contract out the door

With your rights dissuaded

With your pension conflated

With your money evaporated

With your dignity credit checked and ready for sale

With your number set to fail

You’re in the wrong part of your brain now

Time to take the pain away now

Time to put that book upon it shelf

Time to question what you think is wealth

Time to surrender

To give up

To remember

What you fought for was already yours

To the victor go the chores

September 2019