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            “I was in Nashville, Tennessee last year. After the show I went to a Waffle House. I’m not proud of it, I was hungry. And I’m alone, I’m eating and I’m reading a book, right? Waitress walks over to me: ‘Hey, whatcha readin’ for?’ Isn’t that the weirdest fuckin’ question you’ve ever heard? Not what am I reading, but what am I reading FOR? Well, goddamnit, ya stumped me! Why do I read? Well . . . hmmm…I dunno…I guess I read for a lot of reasons and the main one is so I don’t end up being a fuckin’ waffle waitress.”

Bill Hicks            



Just out of interest

Why are you reading this?


I know why I wrote it

I had to

I had to get it out of my head

Why is this more than a note in a diary?

I haven’t said anything new here

I’ve just nailed one colour to a particular mast

A flag

A mark made

A small line in the desert

The smallest screen you need to see it on

At this fixed point in time I’m writing it so I must believe it

A short cut to being old I should have taken when I was younger

The antidote to hindsight

The ‘I told you so’ of you told yourself

Something I can say I believe to anyone

To save myself continually updating

What you know about me

On this

Is now



A wipe of the lens

Less grey area


But why are you reading this?

What’s in it for you?

Why are you spending your precious time on my opinion?

Do you know me or are these just words for you?

If you know me, do these words change your opinion of me?

If you know me, do these words change your opinion of the words?

If you know me, do these words change your opinion of yourself?


If you do not know me, what do you want from these words?

Are you reading this by mistake?

Did you think this was a conversation?

Are you learning anything?

Did you know all this before?

Are you looking for someone to agree with you?

Are you looking for someone to disagree with you?


There’s nothing really new here

There are all the colours

Many masts

Infinite flagpoles to climb

What’s in this for you?


            ” You’re still here?… It’s over… Go home… Go.”

Ferris Bueller            

May 2017